Feminism and the Appropriation of History

Feminism has become an extremely hot topic in the last few years. What appeared to be a small, but extremely vocal group which relatively laid wayside has become increasingly influential in changing our laws. But, as much change as it has created in our present, it appears like feminist want to also appropriate the achievement that men have had throughout history. As I’ve always preached in the past though, if we don’t actually seek out to learn history then we are doomed to (in this case spread misinformation*).

A really good example of this comes from an article published in 2014 titled 23 Ways Feminism has Made the World a Better Place for Men. The writer of this particle piece, has made it her objective to give credit to feminist for creating many of the current worlds creations before men, despite not being credited as such.  Sourcing a book titled Patently Female as her only source for these appropriations. The book, however has not reached a mainstream audience, and with good reason. The article cites that women were the actual creators of items such as: jockstraps, computers, AZT (An HIV drug). But, while no one is debating that woman have been inventors of great things in the past; it’s a very different game when they try to take credit for the invention of males. Apparently if feminists were to have their way, then every single invention in the world would have belonged to them. I guess it’s true what they say, behind every great man is an even greater woman ( replace with feminist) ( also trying to take credit for his inventions).

Yes, it is no longer about receiving equal treatment, and a fair opportunity at their endeavors. Now, feminists are seeking to alter history in order to take credit for the inventions of others. For example did you know that all three of those items I mentioned above were actually created by men. It’s incredible to see how low a group of individuals will stoop to increase their standing in this “patriarchy” that they believe we live in.  But, since this is a “patriarchy” after all, let’s delve into the history of the jockstrap.

Indeed the jockstrap, was created to support “male genitalia” while they were in the middle of arduous physical activities such as sports. Created in 1874 the jockstrap was primarily  utilized by  bike jockeys and messengers who would spend long times riding bicycles. They were later adopted by sportsmen who required protection of their “family jewels” from dangerous contact sports. The magnificent man who created these was called Charles Bennett, and wouldn’t you know it he worked for BIKE athletic company, back then of course it was under a different name, but it was still a sporting goods store. Of course that would make too much sense that a male would produce an object designed to protect their genitalia, so it was obviously a woman who created the product (at least according to that article). The most interesting aspect of this, is that why would a woman design such a thing to begin with? I understand, that perhaps she wanted to protect her husbands equipment, but why is it that the only source for this information is a single book crediting women with so many creations (and this is a line I’ll be repeating a lot today). Yet, it’s not even as egregious as giving credit to the invention of computers to a woman and crediting it to feminism.

A woman created this, if you don’t believe me it’s because of “patriarchy” also *triggered*

Computers, you’re probably using one right now to read this. I don’t need to explain how useful this creation has been towards the advancement of mankind and the propagation of “feminist” themselves. So of course anyone could understand why “feminist” would want to take credit for its creation. No tool in history has ever been more useful in spreading misinformation than the computer. It’s what they utilize to propagate their species after all, and again in the article she cites that it was created by a woman. But, pray tell where these women were getting the information from? It was very interesting to me, when I did a search, and found several articles crediting Charles Babbage who created an “analytical engine” which would never see fruition due to funding. But, later In 1939, John V. Atanasoff and Clifford Berry developed the Atanasoff-Berry Computer (ABC) at Iowa State University. Even if you decided to go further down the line and find out what came next, you’d only find out that the UNIVAC was also created by men. What’s interesting to note is that it was actually Charles Babbage’s computer the one that was inspired by a woman’s design, yet sadly you can’t take credit for something you inspired, but never created. This is actually more along the lines of thinking for patent trolls, and we all know how hated those are (which would make sense since feminist are royal trolls). I will, however credit Ada Lovelace as the inspiration for computers, but not as the creator for the fact is inspiring =/= creator.  Lastly, the author credits a woman for creating AZT a drug for controlling HIV.

HIV and Aids are no joking matter, both are extremely hot topics that even I wouldn’t make light of. The large frenzy of people who become infected during the “aids panic” (nobody really understood HIV and it was becoming prominent) were not actually the reason why AZT was made. It was actually created before that time, during the 1960’s when fighting cancer was the prominent thing in health’s metaphorical mind. Created by a Jerome Horwitz it was an attempt at curing mice from leukemia which yielded zero results. So the compound was shelved under the pretense of waiting for the right disease to come along. When the aid’s panic started becoming prominent labs discovered a way to mass produce it in order to test all sorts of drugs against it. AZT showed promise and according to testimonies the scientist working there worked feverishly to find out just how well it did against the virus. Lo and behold the drug worked effectively against the virus and while it wasn’t a cure it was a step in the right direction. Everywhere I looked (except in that book) the one credited with the creation of this medicine was a man, not a feminist. It’s sad to see people try to steal credit from others, but then again this is the age of victimization we live in, and who is a bigger victim than those who were never given proper credit? perhaps, those who intend to steal said credit?

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The Choice of Freedom

Recently, a school in Mississippi got sued for starting an event with a prayer.  The background was that the school district had been forbidden from  “proselytizing Christianity”, and thus violated a previous ruling. But, if this was the case, how come only one student sued the district? It strikes me as extremely odd that people would go to such extremes as to sue a school simply for preaching something they don’t believe in.  This is a trend with our world in which anything can trigger a lawsuit or hurt feelings.

Lawsuits such as: https://life.indiegogo.com/fundraisers/gregory-alan-elliott-twitter-trial-support-fund

Where a father was sued over a minor dispute in twitter regarding political stances.


Lawsuits where college students get accused of raped and charged with rape despite a lack of evidence.


Why was jake charged with rape
Let’s hope they weren’t also doing the reefer, cuz God knows what then.

Perhaps even a lady suing the family a teen she ran over.


It's almost like a Bad Luck Brian Meme
It’s almost like a Bad Luck Brian. Sometimes life does imitate memes, and I’m going straight to hell for this one.

Yes, we truly live in an age where freedom is hampered only by the rights of those who become offended by almost anything. Where a comment (regardless if it was racist or not) in  your own home is leaked, and you are held liable for this invasion of privacy. This is an era where Social Justice Warriors are actively looking for reasons to become offended, and the idea that we are a society of victims is always one step closer to becoming a reality.  A society where a simple question of whether mayonnaise is a gender received the following response from tumblr:

I had to double check my facts on this one, but it turns out it isn't.
I had to double check my facts on this one, but it turns out it isn’t.

Also several websites went on to address the issue.

But, I have to ask. Is this truly the society that we want to live in? A world so sanitized from potentially every little offensive thing, that we forget to tackle the important things? Things such as the economic crisis in Puerto Rico and Greece? Thankfully We’re still not there, we haven’t reached a point where everyone is afraid of saying anything that could hurt someone. But, how long do we have until we actually get to that point? Discussions become points of contention between people, comedians step on the toes of a society that used to laugh at the inanities of life, overly-sensitive individuals who put their own agenda ahead of everyone.  Everyone is seeking to silence the freedom of speech, we have been rightfully given as human beings. It is typically understood that freedom of speech does not equal freedom from consequence, yet where do we draw the line at what is appropriate versus that which isn’t?

We’re quick to anger, yet terribly slow to forgive. We ask of others, and yet refuse to give back when it’s our turn. We can’t continue down this path because it will be our destruction. Humanity should strive to work together for the good of mankind, and yet it seems we become easily distracted by the most frivolous things.  Is that what we, as a society want to be known for? If our goal is truly equality, then why do we seek to oppress those whose opinions differ than ours? Wouldn’t everyone’s voices be heard in such a world? Yet, the mentality seems to be almost cultish in appearance with how prominent it is in the virtual world.  The notion that the world is to get us only leaves individuals paranoid and troubled. A government that doesn’t trust its own people, corporations lobbying for more rights at the expense of others, a war that has not stopped in over a decade (even if they say it has), the cost of obtaining a higher education, the rising cost of living versus wages, the rich becoming richer while complaining about taxes. Why aren’t these offensive? Why aren’t we being offended at the fact that these are still going on right under our noses, but we rather complain about perceive slights taken out of context (see Tumblr vs mayo).

We should be worried about the true problem in society. I’m sad to say, however that the problem is us. Those who rather sit back and complain about problems around the world, without actively going out of their way to do anything about it (even if this sounds a bit hypocritical right now). We have to strive to improve ourselves, and our country. Things will not change on their own definitely, but by blaming each other for the problems we have we’re not going to solve anything. We need to step away from our comfort zone and actively seek to change for the better. It’s not going to be easy, but nothing worth fighting for is ever easy. I hate to say that our grandparents told us so, but they did say “back in the old days, people used to work hard for their things”. While I can’t wholeheartedly believe everything the baby-boomers say, perhaps it is time we took their advice, and started striving towards a common goal.  That’s what all the major movements in this nation did, think back to the days of the great Martin Luther King Jr, or even the early beginnings of Feminism, back in the days where you were truly risking everything for equality.

It’s that time once again, where we must put our petty differences aside, and stand united once more. We must make a conscious decision to choose freedom once again. The freedom of choosing to not be offended.Martin-Luther-King-Jr-Wallpaper-HD

The Bonds we Share with the Virtual World Pt.1

Reality is one of the hardest things to face in our lives. The constant struggle that we face every day which can make even the simplest of task such as waking up a chore is extremely daunting. But, sometimes at the end of the day all you want to do is take a breather, lie down for a second, and connect with those friends that only exist in the virtual world. To spend a few hours with those close friends of ours that we call video game characters.

Yes, anyone who considers himself a gamer will understand what it means when I write: we love (insert character here) from (insert video game here). It has been so well documented that papers have been written about the subject for dissertations. We’re human, and it is just the way we are built.  It’s not hard to empathize with the hero who is destined to save the world, or the rebellious princess who wants to escape the tyranny of some madman. People will always do so, and it’s just the way we’re programmed.

In the following video it is explained the major reasons for the bonds we form with these characters:


These are as such:

  • Agency
  • Humanity (without stepping into the uncanny valley)
  • Attractiveness (physically (this can be cute or appealing in any form), socially, or task attractiveness)
  • Contingency (interactions with the character actually matter)

This makes sense, yes on a deep level we can connect with these characters because they are in essence their own person, and we want to help them achieve their goals. Nay, I say indeed it is our responsibility to help them achieve their goal. If the characters we play as are completely unlikeable then it usually detracts from the experience and as such it is (almost) imperative that we see something in these characters that makes us want to assist them in their journey.

For me in example is this guy: Vyse the Legendary Sky Pirate from Skies of Arcadia (Eternal Arcadia for those in Japan)

He'll always be my hero.
He’ll always be my hero.

Skies of Arcadia  had a main character that was created in the midst of an era where the broody/angst-filled archetype was extremely popular. Vyse was optimistic, cheerful, and never gave up in the face of adversity his motto used to be “impossible is just a word that people use to feel good when they quit”. He wasn’t the chosen one, it wasn’t predestined that Vyse would save the world. This made me fall absolutely in love with this character, he was my hero, and despite not being real, Vyse did a lot for my life. It’s thanks to him that I’m probably a sailor right now.  This character has such a profound impact in my life that I believe he helped shape me into the man I am today. My dreams might not be as big as his, but I intend to accomplish them nonetheless. He has all the characteristics listed in the aforementioned video, but there was more to my connection with him than simply fitting a small, but well defined criteria. I know for certain there are more reasons than that for how we as gamers connect to these characters.

Let me explain what I mean. When I was growing up, I did not have the best home environment that a child/teenager could ask for. I never truly had a good male role-model which I could look up to because my (insert female parental unit here) taste in men was not adequate to say the least. Discovering Vyse was pure coincidence, I had visited a friend who had a demo of the game, and saw how cool this charming, smart, vivacious character was. He was determined to help out his friends and make his dream come true. But, most of all he had freedom. He left his home at the tender age of 16 to set out and explore the world (who doesn’t dream of being able to do this?). So I was hooked. I wanted, nay, needed to help him accomplish his dreams because that way in some shape or form then mine wouldn’t seem so distant. The game itself had a tremendous sense of freedom in the places you could explore, and discoveries to be made with rich lore that was epically written for those treasure hunters willing to find them. This game was the glass half-full embodiment of the age of exploration, and it was glorious.  In essence everything I wanted, this game provided for me.

I wanted freedom from my environment, it gave it to me. I wanted optimism in an environment that seemed to want to kill my aspirations and it came packed with it. While, Vyse did not have any vices despite what his name might imply, at that time in my life I didn’t require someone with them. I was surrounded by enough vices from everyone else. I needed someone who would always be there for his friends without fail. I’m sure there are others out there who’ve needed a friend or who live in situations that are less than optimal without any hope. Somebody who we can relate to, when it appears that nobody else seems to understand our plight. The best part is that we often fill the void of our lives with them, and suddenly life doesn’t seem so bad. It might be difficult at times, but we have someone who is struggling alongside us and winning. The best part is that if something goes wrong we can fix it, and it feels like something has been accomplished because we did that, it was our help that did it. However, while they might not be real to others, they might as well be to us.

We cling to these characters because through them we can envision (and live) a life in which success is not an unachievable goal.

***To be continued in part 2 which gives into more detail about characters whose personalities aren’t as fleshed out***




The Hidden Dark Side Of Pokémon

Ah, Pokémon, one of Nintendo’s most popular series, it has been recognized as the flagship games of the handheld consoles. Initially coming out in Japan during the year 1996 it was the product of one Satoshi Tajiri, and the main character we call Red is actually named after him. Pokémon in those days was a much simpler game consisting of taking a team of Alakazam’s and Mewtwo to beat up all of your friends with your leet psychic team. It has also been aptly described as cockfighting meets Charles Darwin. Nowadays, Pokémon has evolved to a point where it has taught us many valuable life lessons such as:

Speaks for itself
Speaks for itself
Eugenics are Important
Eugenics are Important
Abandoning newborns is easy.
Abandoning newborns is easy.
and Sex Slavery is all right as long as it's a Ditto
and Sex Slavery is all right as long as it’s a Ditto
Cat's and Whales produce viable offsprings
Cat’s and Whales produce viable offspring

Truly without all of these important lessons, we’d all be lost and misguided. This particular side was born during the height of popularity during the late 90’s in which Pokémon seemed to be the only thing in children’s minds at the time. I was only 10 years old when it happened, but it made me realize that Pokémon was truly evil. However, I did not stop playing the game for it had long since held me in its occult grasp, and as well all know… The longer you peer into the darkness, the more you risk becoming a part of it. After all, who are we, if not what we are when alone in the dark? Pokémon was clearly made with the intent of turning children into Satanist. At least according to Club 36, which had an interview explaining how evil it was all along:

It doesn’t stop there though, throughout its history Pokémon has been the perpetrator of many heinous crimes like for example:

It's a trap!
It’s a trap!

The list goes on indefinitely, but what’s important to take from this is that for a series that is filled with such cute imagery like for example:

The faces of EVIL!!!!!
The faces of EVIL!!!!!

It is truly filled to the brim with dark ideals designed to corrupt our youths. Pokémon has slowly been moving our sweet children away from Christianity (which is the only real religion, and all others are false!!!!), and into the Church of Helix. This is a church where children worship a creature that rose from the dead on the 11th day of anarchy, similar to Jesus Christ. This church also tries to instill the values of anarchy in contrast to our great democratic nation of America, thus forcing children to only look out for themselves in a way not much different from capitalism. Pokémon could not be any more blatantly a tool of the devil. But, it becomes worse if we realize that Pokémon is teaching children that they can simply abandon their responsibilities in akin to abortion.

You heard me right, Pokémon is teaching kids that abortion is a completely legitimate course of action even after the third trimester has been completed. You see Pokémon has breeding mechanics which allow players to have their pocket monsters produce eggs. These eggs are hatched after minutes of traveling, and bonding with them down the same route in a repetitive fashion. The Pokémon inside are later tested to see if their Internal Values are actually the highest they can be. If the monster doesn’t meet the criteria that its parent (or trainer) was looking for it is then promptly abandoned in the woods with no regards to the infants safety. It is as if Pokémon was trying to tell our children that they are not responsible for the fruits that God has blessed them with. It is an abomination in the eyes of our Lord.

Influx of pokemon babies
That kid was never seen again!

Videogames are obviously the reason for our teenage pregnancy, and abortion rates.  The ever increasing rates in violence. The decline in Christians of this once proud nation under God. But, let’s not forget that they are also responsible for such atrocities like, the Hindenburg disaster, global warming, Hannah Montana, The Titanic sinking, and boy-bands corrupting our youths.  The world would obviously be a much better place if Pokémon had not been created in the first place. For that matter, the world would have been a much better place if videogames had not existed in the first place. Videogames like Minecraft where children are distracted from the truly important things such as reading the bible, and instead focus on learning unimportant skills such as creativity, artistic expression, or the worst one of all: mathematical problem solving through the use of redstone circuitry (which has been associated with alchemy, another tool of the devil).

Wake up people, videogames are taking away your children from you, and turning them to cult worshiping heathens. If we do not stop them now, then they will be lost to us forever. We must rise in arms against the culprits, Nintendo obviously has designed this to enslave the minds of those who deepen their pockets. They are the true antichrist! It’s not Obama, turns out it was never the President of the United States. It was always Nintendo that was pulling the strings of manipulation. It is the time to rise again under a single banner for the freedom of the minds of children everywhere. Let us shine the light of God towards the dark side of Pokémon!!!

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The Blind Eye Turned to Bisexuality

Humanity has been obsessed with creating labels for everything in order to categorize it in a way that makes it comfortable. In its obsession humanity has managed to alienate and persecute those who have been labelled as “wrong” or “unnatural”. People often claim to be open-minded individuals, but if they see something that goes against the norm in which they believe in, then it’s automatically considered blasphemous. As much as society would like to argue against this, it’s very hard to be open-minded towards everything (at times with good reason). But, in this frenzy to determine what each person is, some things are completely erased in order to fashion it into something we’re most comfortable in. This is what led us to create bisexual erasure.

Now, some here might be wondering what the term bisexual erasure means, it is defined as:

“A pervasive problem in which the existence or legitimacy of bisexuality (either in general or in regard to an individual) is questioned or denied outright”.

This is so pervasive, that cracked.com recently published an article in which 2 bisexual individuals (one male another female) described how absolutely persistent this problem is. It is incredible to believe that as much progress as we’ve made towards equality, we’re still quick to judge those who don’t fit a certain mold. But, it’s not as if human sexuality is something that we fully understand. As my psychology professor always said “human sexuality is fluid”, and as many testimonies can attest to bisexuality is no different.

What does this mean? It means that there is a spectrum for almost everything, a person could define themselves as bisexuals and be with a male or a female without having to be categorized as gay or lesbian (it also could mean that nobody is truly 100% monosexual).  If we go according to all of the testimonies that have been given online, we find out that this is terrifyingly common.  the concept of people having fit a certain mold is so excruciatingly common that (as the cracked article above said) time magazine published an article titled Straight, Gay Or Lying? For the sake of brevity I’ll post some examples of this below:

Woman being accused of being straight by a female she was attracted to.

Male speaking to another of gay rights helping bisexuals only to be rebutted “that bisexuals shouldn’t be part of the movement”

Actors misidentified as heterosexuals/homosexuals simply for being in a relationship despite  of their bisexuality

Bisexual erasure in literature.

See! Sexuality Spectrum is like a heart! Or a pretty flower
See! Sexuality Spectrum is like a heart! Or a pretty flower

This becomes worse when you take a look at the list of stereotypes that bisexuals are constantly dealing with:

  • Bisexuals don’t exists
  • It’s just a phase
  • They are greedy and want everyone for themselves
  • They are cheaters
  • They are terrified of being committed to a single individual
  • They want to screw everything that moves
  • Bisexuals are the ones that spread HIV
  • Bisexual erasure is false (here is a 50 page paper on why this myth is alive and well)
  • If they are real, then there must be extremely few real bisexuals
  • They are all polyamorous

GLAAD also had to step in to debunk some/most of these myths:


Here is also a video showing fellow Puerto Rican Eliel Cruz explaining how dating a bisexual is no different than dating anyone else:

Now, while some of these might be commonly believed from the LGBT community as a whole (all false because we understand that stereotypes are just negative reinforcement of behaviors in order to marginalize others).  But, the worse part begins when you try to understand, why it is that we stereotype them as such. I can’t say for certain why that is, but if someone was to ask me it’s simply because we might be jealous. Often times the reasons given for why bisexuals don’t exist is because they can “hide amongst whatever sexuality they choose to pursue at the time”. This jealousy could create resentment in those who identify as monosexuals. It stands to good reason that jealousy can be the cause of many tragedies, and while no studies could back up what I’m saying; it’s simply a hypothesis that has yet to be debunked or verified.  I believe that everyone should be given a fair shot at enjoying life without fear of persecution. It is because of this, that we must strive to eliminate those negative reinforcements of behaviors, and stop alienating those who are different than us. If they aren’t hurting anyone or themselves; I say we let them enjoy their sexual freedom.

Isn’t that part of what feminism stood for at one point? Equality after all, if we were to take a look at history we’re constantly striving to give more rights to those who are persecuted for unjust reasons. Who are treated as invisible for simply breaking out of the mold? Why can’t we simply let bisexual people decide what they want in life without rejecting, or labeling them as we see fit? We must seek to eliminate bisexual erasure from our prejudices, and instead embrace our brothers and sisters who identify as such without them having any fear of repercussion. It stands to be that we can all learn a lot from each other. But, we must first seek to listen with our hearts.

There are some good news thought, Cara Delevingne has appeared as a spokesperson whose sexuality is not as concretely defined as society would like it, and she stands as a model for those who break the mold. Read about it in here: http://www.glaad.org/blog/cara-delevingne-new-york-times-my-sexuality-not-phase

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The Hipocrisy of the Glassgow Free Pride Parade

This year, there will be one less group performing in the Pride Parade Glassgow. It was, however, not by choice. Instead this group was forbidden from performing for reasons that would not hold any weight to a truly sensible person. Yes, Cross-dressers or transvestites will not be allowed to perform in this years Pride Parade. The reasoning given for this choice were:

“The decision was taken by transgender individuals who were uncomfortable with having drag performances at the event. It was felt that it would make some of those who were transgender or questioning their gender uncomfortable.

It continued: “It was felt by the group within the Trans/Non Binary Caucus that some drag performance, particularly cis drag, hinges on the social view of gender and making it into a joke, however transgender individuals do not feel as though their gender identity is a joke.
(I thought that neither did cross-dressers, but pardon my mistake).

“This can particularly difficult for those who are not out and still present as the gender they were assigned at birth. While it was discussed whether we could have trans drag acts perform, it was agreed that as it would not be appropriate to ask any prospective drag acts whether or not they identified as trans”.

But, it begs the question, is this truly what the Glassgow LGBT community is representing, they are forgetting that cross-dressers, have been avid supporters of the group since at least 1973. It is a shame to alienate this group once again, simply for behaviors that are labelled as a “joke” from a separate group (ironic isn’t it?). The sad part about all of this is that, I wish this had been the first time something like this has happened. But, no it isn’t, and we must take a quick look at history to find out why this action is one of the reasons that our past must be studied.


The Gay Pride Parade, was an idea born due to the police raid of the Stonewall Inn on June 28, 1969 which incited the Stonewall Riots. This Inn was a safe haven for people with gender queer identities /behaviors (such as cross-dressers, transgender, male prostitutes) to find other like minded people. These violent demonstrations were actually a catalyst towards the gay liberation movement, and will go down in history as the moment when all we have achieved today in the U.S. started. Thanks to the efforts of all who participated in these riots, more establishments were opened up for homosexuals to freely exhibit they orientations without fear of the law (police raids were common due to homosexual people being listed as high threat to national security) (like being gay makes anyone automatically more or less dangerous right?).

Yep, I knew it, total threat to society as we know it (this is sarcasm)
Yep, I knew it, total threat to society as we know it (this is sarcasm). Bah, who am I kidding he’s gorgeous 😀

These riots did not happen overnight though, and it’s important that we remember that cross-dressers were actively participating during all of these events. They were present when police raided, and also while the LGBT community fought back to retake what belonged to them. The fight lasted days, and in the end the Stonewall was charred and nearly destroyed thanks to all the fighting. But, in its wake laid a fire burning brightly upon the hearts of those who had been there during those tumultuous times.

By November 2, 1969, a group of individuals was already proposing that a march should be established in honor of the events that happened. Together with multiple groups of like minded people, the arrangements were made in order to celebrate the first Pride Parade on the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.  The excitement could barely be contained, so much that the event was organized in nearly half the time they expected. Finally on June 28, 1970 just two hours after receiving the permits, the first Pride Parade took place. Why is this important? Because after two years, from these riots, most major cities in the U.S. had established a gay rights group. These groups had very little in common, but included everyone from all races, genders, identities, and yes even cross-dressers.


But, as we all know by this point, history has a funny way of repeating itself. During the 1970’s a feminist activist called Jean O’Leary  protested something she perceived as being a mockery to women in the form of cross-dressers and drag queens who were attending a Stonewall Rally. O’Leary claimed that drag queens made fun of women for entertainment value. In response to these staments two drag queens Sylvia Rivera and Lee Brewster rebutted that “You go to bars because of what drag queens did for you, and these bitches tell us to quit being ourselves!”. Not only had O’Leary offended these two, but that day both the lesbian feminist, and drag queens left that rally with a deep sadness in their hearts.  But, O’Leary did not stop there, she also excluded transgenders from gay rights because she felt they would be too hard to obtain (she later did change her mind and openly embraced both groups, but to me that was far too late). It’s a shame to see, how little the group in Glassgow has learned of their past. To turn their backs on a group of people who have always been present in their demonstrations, without any shame to show who they are and what they stand for. Now, they are rebuked by the group who they were once extremely closely associated with (now we understand sexual spectrum a bit better, and thus they can be described differently).

Drag Queens at the Portland Pride Parade 2011
Drag Queens at the Portland Pride Parade 2011

This is what led us to today, when Glassgow in the face of an era which finally permitted equal marriage rights, to all who would seek them. Is spitting in the face of drag queens everywhere by telling them that they are offensive to others. Do they mean offensive as in how O’Leary described them? Is simply being different to transgender offensive to people? You know back in the 1960’s everyone who was homosexual was offensive to everyone else. This is the kind of hypocrisy that doesn’t let our society move forward. This is almost equally as bad as those religious people who claim that their religion is real, whilst every other is false. Cross-dressers have been a tremendously important part of the LGBT community in the past. When nobody else besides yourselves were there, drag queens were with you the entirety of the way. To shun them, to turn them back for performing in a display of Pride is a violation of everything you stood for. Don’t forget, it’s not called the “Gay Pride Parade” (at least not anymore) it’s called the Free Pride Parade, and I’ll be damned to allow such an infraction to go by unscathed. Why don’t you also take their feelings into account when you make this sort of decisions instead? When will equality be the goal that we truly strive for instead?

*I want to note that I do understand that they are allowed to be in it, but not perform. However, to me that is still inexcusable*

** I also found out that they indeed reversed their decision and that is wonderful!**


Seth Macfarlane

The sources I used for this article were:

Stonewall (1993) by Duberman Martin

What Made Stonewall Different by David Carter

Polyamory and “Feminism”

An article has been making rounds on the web recently relating to a man who considers himself a “feminist” for allowing his wife to sleep with other men. This article has become viral enough to have videos and threads all over the web, and has people torn over the shared feeling of resentment that the author is eschewing through his writings. At least that what part of the Internet’s consensus appears to be. I am writing this as if it were directed to the writer.

I mean look at this screen-cap I took:

Pretty sure this was not the positive affirmation the guy was looking for.
Pretty sure this was not the positive affirmation the guy was looking for.

I’ve said it before and shall say it again. I am all about equality, but this guy has no clue what he’s talking about. When he claims to be a feminist with what is perceived to be such disappointment, you can only help, but speculate on the type of hardship he is internally  enduring for the sake of a spouse (almost admirable in a pathetic way). I wanted to tear this guy’s argument a new one, but for the sake of brevity I will make this article a short one. I took my time and carefully analyzed each point of the paragraphs he wrote about while trying to get into the ideas been written about. However, if I want to make this an interesting article. I’m going to need a lot of alcohol.

Feminism part 1

In the first 4 paragraphs, the writer sounds as if he were constantly reassuring himself, that he is indeed a man (and a feminist). In it he explains that he is a feminist by telling his wife that her escapades are hot. But, that’s not feminism in fact it’s surprisingly (to the writer only apparently) common, seriously do a search on Google right now for “I think it’s hot that my wife sleeps with other men” trust me when I say that a lot of results will come up. A lot of these men aren’t feminist so feminism=/=polyamory.  Trying to convince yourself (the writer) that you are such for this very reason is uniquely ignorant to the plight of actual feminism which essence’s is equality.  He later claims that before he became a househusband the concept of feminism was only understood on an abstract level. But, here is the thing in itself “feminism” is an abstract concept. A person can’t grasp it any more than the U.S. can actually wage war against “terrorism” to say that it was understood in an abstract form meant you did understand it. But, even worse is when he claims that he receives affirmations of child-rearing being the hardest job in the world because he is male is in itself ridiculous. Women hear it all the time, I’ve heard it being told to my wife. In fact most mothers tell each other that as well. As this video says it is the media who has been telling mothers that they should be ashamed of being full-time parents. I’ve mentioned this before, it absolutely drives me bonkers that people would treat a job that is almost as old if not older than prostitution as lesser because it’s not earning money actively. But, you know what is doing? Ensuring that my children get all the love and affection they require (this in itself is worth all the money in the world) (the writer provides self-reassurance by stating he provides care). Moving on, however we see that this fella has more issues than simply those of misconception (which is what his father said when his mother announced the pregnancy).

This is due to the fact, that he considered his masculinity to hinge on his wife solely sleeping with him. But, that’s strange because my manhood really only relied on the fact that I have a set of testicles and penis with the full knowledge on how to use them. I don’t actively need anything to reassure me of my masculinity. In fact, most men don’t it’s pretty normal to have doubts of anything every once in a while, but if yours relies on another person then you truly have some deep-seated psychological issues thanks to the fact that your father never loved you.

feminism part deux

I’d like to preface with the concept that if you have to be drunk to make a decision, it’s usually not the best idea.  I also have to note that the reason she did not present this as an issue of feminism was because it wasn’t. You came up with that definition yourself in a way to justify the fact that you’re allowing your wife to get freaky with other men. I enjoyed reading how monogamy meant that you’re in control, but how silly of me to think that the concept of being faithful to one another applied to women only. I don’t control my wife through monogamy, I trust that she’s not sleeping with other men simply because we made vows to each another promising that very same concept.  There is no “we” here when you say the line “we are afraid that when it comes to sex, they won’t choose us” it is only you, and a handful of insecure men who fear such a thing. But, guess what? While our culture does place a lot more emphasis on women’s sexuality with words such as “slut or whore” (the only women who get called this way are the ones who act as such) it is also very notorious for shaming/punishing men who are caught cheating on their spouses (if you get caught cheating in the military, you have to make a really nasty phone call to your spouse on top of article 134 of the UCMJ).  But, in the end the writer goes back to to the same concept that women should be the ones to choose, but then again I suppose marriage was not about equality. If something does not please one half of the marriage they should drink until the idea sounds better. When you understood that your wife was tired of you, then you became a feminist? I would have become a divorcee.

feminism part troix

In these paragraphs he claims that they’re “happier and closer than ever”, but it begs the question. You don’t mention anything about you sleeping with each other at all. It makes me wonder how much is actually happening between both of your sheets? I understand having a small penis wasn’t pleasing for her, but damn son you really should have looked online for a better alternative to enlarging your package. It also strikes me as odd for the fact that he claims divorce happens when people have too much to share, but can’t. This is incredibly ridiculous because i actually looked at the top then reasons for divorce and that one did not come up.  He adds the fact that his wife is a whole person and that even though they are together he doesn’t consider them as “one”. But, this goes against traditional marriage (I’m not talking about the gay marriage ordeal. I’m talking about one person to another regardless of gender) in essence you become one the day of marriage. It’s truly humorous how the writer mentions that lying begins with yourself because isn’t that what he did by writing the piece?

Lying to himself, however, is the least of his issues. Turns out that he is terrified when his wife does not communicate with him for an extended period of time. He became nervous because of the loss of contact, and was worried about all the scenarios that could have happened. I can attest to how terrifying this can be, especially as a parent (the feeling of losing a truly loved significant other can be a grievous wound to both child and parent). But, simply telling your wife that she is not alone doesn’t change the fact that for whatever period of time you’re not there “anything” (I mean that literally) can happen. This is not to say you should constantly monitor your spouse, we should all trust our significant others to get themselves out of a hairy situation before it happens. But, what will you do if it does? All because she went out with the wrong person? What will happen then? Hell maybe for Ryan “graphics designer” really meant sleep with your wife and cut her up. You worthless excuse of a man.

Feminism part quatro

Finally I hope, that your concerns never becomes true, and that your wife does remain with you forever. You can’t stop a person from falling in love if we go by your definition of “feminism”. That would be inhibiting a part of who she is as a woman after all. But, even better pray tell what would happen if you found someone else to fall in love with? Remember feminism truly means equality and in this piece you focused an overly amount on your wife, what would happen when realize that things can happen both ways? The fact that you’re overly rationalizing your own argument with assertions that you’ve approved of this fail to convince many of us who read your article. What will you tell your kids if your wife becomes pregnant with another man’s child? Where are the limits if any as to where this can and can’t go? Sexually transmitted diseases are a real thing, as well as the dangers of meeting a serial killer. I truly hope that you’re not lying to yourself when you go to sleep every night because thanks to you. A whole new breed of “herbivore” men as they call them in Japan might start appearing, and we know that their birth rates are declining are a terrifying rate. You sir are as you called yourself a weakling.