Amiibo, and the Pursuit of Goals!

I finally completed my Super Smash Brothers Amiibo collection! It took me a year and a move across the world, but I finally succeeded in getting all the currently available characters, plus a few others. When I opened my presents up this Christmas, it turned out that my wife had purchased the last remaining few. So I quickly arranged them and took pictures in order to share my (small) achievement with the internet/fellow collectors. I quickly realized that this had been a grave mistake.

I want to clarify that, it was not a mistake to have collected the Amiibo. What was a mistake was giving more credit to the internet in regards to their reaction. The people in Reddit for the most part were supportive, and cheerful about the success in the collection. A few of them shared their own stories and collections, which were equally as impressive, others, however were not as “kind”. If you read the comments in the link found below this paragraph, then you’ll quickly understand why I believe it was a mistake to have shared the pictures.

I wasn’t quite sure how to take it personally, since I’m proud of the effort that was put forth in collecting these figurines, regardless of others. But, it never ceases to amaze me. It often appears that the internet has a limitless capacity to shit over the things that make other individuals happy. The internet will spill copious amounts of bile, in order to demotivate others from being happy/proud. This shouldn’t be the way we are, but it seems that as long as the GIFT exists, people will use the anonymity provided by the web, in order to spread animosity. It doesn’t matter whether their words are taken seriously or not, the point is that by commenting negatively on what you’ve achieved they felt superior, and that is fine if it’s what makes them happy. But, don’t let this negativity define you as a person. Don’t let the words of others define what ultimately makes you a better individual.

The reason, why I write this is because I want everyone to remember that regardless of what anyone says or writes you should remember the reason why you pursued an objective. This objective could be anything, from the smallest personal achievement or something that will change the world. One small achievement can be the door to greater ones in your future, and I believe that by completing the goals which we set for ourselves, we slowly learn the importance of dedication. This is because as human beings, we like the feeling of immediate gratification; however, this is not often attainable. Instead of pursuing goals which take vast amounts of effort in order to yield rewards; we seek activities which give us instant gratification even if it’s of lesser value than larger more difficult goals.

To collect these “toys” it took me 2 long years of hunting at different stores, waiting in line for pre-orders, and moving to Japan in order to complete it. It’s no wonder I’m going to be proud of it because I was able to see it through to the end. It might not be important to anyone else, but to me it has a deeper meaning. It represents the potential amount of tenacity that I can have when I put my best foot forward. Thanks to the efforts that were placed on collecting these, I have shown myself that I am indeed capable of seeing things through to the end.

This was something that had weighed heavily on my mind, for a long time. I always felt like most of the things I begin are never finished. But, thanks to this collection; I have shown myself, that goals can be achieved if you’re willing to put the actual time and effort into execution. So don’t let the words of others on the internet bring you down, people will try to bring you to their level countless times, but you have to stick through with your goals. Criticism is fine if it’s constructive, I have gotten bashed countless times for my grammatical errors in this blog (but, they have no idea; how much I appreciate the bashing since it motivates me to improve), and, yet I continue to write in it. The world shall never be a kinder place, but we can make it better for ourselves if we actually strive for that goal. Success is never easy, so make sure that you remember the steps you took in order to achieve it.


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