New Study Discovers Japanese Men More Likely to Cheat if Married or in a Relationship


A new survey has surfaced in the land of the rising sun, Japan. This study performed by the Menjoy magazine was aimed at finding whether Japanese men would cheat on their spouses on the condition that they wouldn’t be caught .  The survey utilized a rather small sample size of 50 willing participants. But, the results demonstrated that a majority of Japanese men would in fact cheat on their partners if they had the opportunity.  When taking a closer look upon the responses provided by the participants the results were not uncommon.

At times the participants mentioned that their significant other stopped caring or having sexual contact with them after marriage, but a lover would have no problems with these encounters and as such happily provides the services needed for romance/sex. ‘A new marriage can seem bright and exciting, but once you’ve been married for a few years things start getting dull’ was a quote spoken by “Kentaro Sakamoto” from the Chiba Prefecture in Tokyo (one of the survey participants).  He also indicated that if he had not been in a relationship at the time he wouldn’t have been tempted to cheat.  A different participant, whose named he preferred to keep undisclosed, mentioned that if he weren’t in a relationship he wouldn’t be tempted by women who are jealous of his current significant other.  He said “ever since I became married, women in my office can’t seem to stop inviting me over to their apartments for tea”.

We can obviously tell from this information that the only reason people are cheating on each other are because they get into relationships. Relationships are great, they are a breath of fresh air and meeting new people can be an amazing experience, but they obviously lead to dangerous things such a cheating and sexually transmitted infections. Especially when you’ve been with someone for so long that they become boring and dull. People become comfortable around each other and suddenly the relationship slows down and this leads people into the arms of another who probably has herpes. The sad part is we know for a fact that this kind of events happen and we still choose to follow outdated traditions such as marriage.

It’s clear as day that if Japanese men were not forming deep emotional bonds with other individuals they wouldn’t be tempted to cheat. Japanese women wouldn’t be seeking men in relationships because none of them would have one. Thus the whole society would have an even playing field in the field of romance, and if children happen  there is still no reason for marriage, after all studies have shown that as long as both parents are involved in the child rearing the kids will be just fine. As long as both parties can agree on the custodial terms there shall be no problems.

Besides relationships cost time and money, both of which could be utilized towards improving the lives of their increasingly large populace of seniors. Certainly the country whose dwindling birth rates have been decreasing exponentially could see no benefit from partaking in such frivolities. Instead they could put their efforts in building synthetic human beings which will eventually replace us all.  I for one will welcome with open arms our new robotic overlords.

There you have it folks, the number one reason for cheating is starting a relationship. Why would you ever just use one car for your entire life when you could test drive all of them? It’s not cheating after all if there is no emotional attachment.  As we all know emotions are for losers who can’t have affairs and those are all the rage these day.

But, remember if you’re still keen on starting a relationship try having a polyamorous one. It’s not cheating if you’re both loving the same people and it can keep the spark of romance alive for generations to come.








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Feminism and the Appropriation of History

Feminism has become an extremely hot topic in the last few years. What appeared to be a small, but extremely vocal group which relatively laid wayside has become increasingly influential in changing our laws. But, as much change as it has created in our present, it appears like feminist want to also appropriate the achievement that men have had throughout history. As I’ve always preached in the past though, if we don’t actually seek out to learn history then we are doomed to (in this case spread misinformation*).

A really good example of this comes from an article published in 2014 titled 23 Ways Feminism has Made the World a Better Place for Men. The writer of this particle piece, has made it her objective to give credit to feminist for creating many of the current worlds creations before men, despite not being credited as such.  Sourcing a book titled Patently Female as her only source for these appropriations. The book, however has not reached a mainstream audience, and with good reason. The article cites that women were the actual creators of items such as: jockstraps, computers, AZT (An HIV drug). But, while no one is debating that woman have been inventors of great things in the past; it’s a very different game when they try to take credit for the invention of males. Apparently if feminists were to have their way, then every single invention in the world would have belonged to them. I guess it’s true what they say, behind every great man is an even greater woman ( replace with feminist) ( also trying to take credit for his inventions).

Yes, it is no longer about receiving equal treatment, and a fair opportunity at their endeavors. Now, feminists are seeking to alter history in order to take credit for the inventions of others. For example did you know that all three of those items I mentioned above were actually created by men. It’s incredible to see how low a group of individuals will stoop to increase their standing in this “patriarchy” that they believe we live in.  But, since this is a “patriarchy” after all, let’s delve into the history of the jockstrap.

Indeed the jockstrap, was created to support “male genitalia” while they were in the middle of arduous physical activities such as sports. Created in 1874 the jockstrap was primarily  utilized by  bike jockeys and messengers who would spend long times riding bicycles. They were later adopted by sportsmen who required protection of their “family jewels” from dangerous contact sports. The magnificent man who created these was called Charles Bennett, and wouldn’t you know it he worked for BIKE athletic company, back then of course it was under a different name, but it was still a sporting goods store. Of course that would make too much sense that a male would produce an object designed to protect their genitalia, so it was obviously a woman who created the product (at least according to that article). The most interesting aspect of this, is that why would a woman design such a thing to begin with? I understand, that perhaps she wanted to protect her husbands equipment, but why is it that the only source for this information is a single book crediting women with so many creations (and this is a line I’ll be repeating a lot today). Yet, it’s not even as egregious as giving credit to the invention of computers to a woman and crediting it to feminism.

A woman created this, if you don’t believe me it’s because of “patriarchy” also *triggered*

Computers, you’re probably using one right now to read this. I don’t need to explain how useful this creation has been towards the advancement of mankind and the propagation of “feminist” themselves. So of course anyone could understand why “feminist” would want to take credit for its creation. No tool in history has ever been more useful in spreading misinformation than the computer. It’s what they utilize to propagate their species after all, and again in the article she cites that it was created by a woman. But, pray tell where these women were getting the information from? It was very interesting to me, when I did a search, and found several articles crediting Charles Babbage who created an “analytical engine” which would never see fruition due to funding. But, later In 1939, John V. Atanasoff and Clifford Berry developed the Atanasoff-Berry Computer (ABC) at Iowa State University. Even if you decided to go further down the line and find out what came next, you’d only find out that the UNIVAC was also created by men. What’s interesting to note is that it was actually Charles Babbage’s computer the one that was inspired by a woman’s design, yet sadly you can’t take credit for something you inspired, but never created. This is actually more along the lines of thinking for patent trolls, and we all know how hated those are (which would make sense since feminist are royal trolls). I will, however credit Ada Lovelace as the inspiration for computers, but not as the creator for the fact is inspiring =/= creator.  Lastly, the author credits a woman for creating AZT a drug for controlling HIV.

HIV and Aids are no joking matter, both are extremely hot topics that even I wouldn’t make light of. The large frenzy of people who become infected during the “aids panic” (nobody really understood HIV and it was becoming prominent) were not actually the reason why AZT was made. It was actually created before that time, during the 1960’s when fighting cancer was the prominent thing in health’s metaphorical mind. Created by a Jerome Horwitz it was an attempt at curing mice from leukemia which yielded zero results. So the compound was shelved under the pretense of waiting for the right disease to come along. When the aid’s panic started becoming prominent labs discovered a way to mass produce it in order to test all sorts of drugs against it. AZT showed promise and according to testimonies the scientist working there worked feverishly to find out just how well it did against the virus. Lo and behold the drug worked effectively against the virus and while it wasn’t a cure it was a step in the right direction. Everywhere I looked (except in that book) the one credited with the creation of this medicine was a man, not a feminist. It’s sad to see people try to steal credit from others, but then again this is the age of victimization we live in, and who is a bigger victim than those who were never given proper credit? perhaps, those who intend to steal said credit?

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The Choice of Freedom

Recently, a school in Mississippi got sued for starting an event with a prayer.  The background was that the school district had been forbidden from  “proselytizing Christianity”, and thus violated a previous ruling. But, if this was the case, how come only one student sued the district? It strikes me as extremely odd that people would go to such extremes as to sue a school simply for preaching something they don’t believe in.  This is a trend with our world in which anything can trigger a lawsuit or hurt feelings.

Lawsuits such as:

Where a father was sued over a minor dispute in twitter regarding political stances.


Lawsuits where college students get accused of raped and charged with rape despite a lack of evidence.

Why was jake charged with rape
Let’s hope they weren’t also doing the reefer, cuz God knows what then.

Perhaps even a lady suing the family a teen she ran over.

It's almost like a Bad Luck Brian Meme
It’s almost like a Bad Luck Brian. Sometimes life does imitate memes, and I’m going straight to hell for this one.

Yes, we truly live in an age where freedom is hampered only by the rights of those who become offended by almost anything. Where a comment (regardless if it was racist or not) in  your own home is leaked, and you are held liable for this invasion of privacy. This is an era where Social Justice Warriors are actively looking for reasons to become offended, and the idea that we are a society of victims is always one step closer to becoming a reality.  A society where a simple question of whether mayonnaise is a gender received the following response from tumblr:

I had to double check my facts on this one, but it turns out it isn't.
I had to double check my facts on this one, but it turns out it isn’t.

Also several websites went on to address the issue.

But, I have to ask. Is this truly the society that we want to live in? A world so sanitized from potentially every little offensive thing, that we forget to tackle the important things? Things such as the economic crisis in Puerto Rico and Greece? Thankfully We’re still not there, we haven’t reached a point where everyone is afraid of saying anything that could hurt someone. But, how long do we have until we actually get to that point? Discussions become points of contention between people, comedians step on the toes of a society that used to laugh at the inanities of life, overly-sensitive individuals who put their own agenda ahead of everyone.  Everyone is seeking to silence the freedom of speech, we have been rightfully given as human beings. It is typically understood that freedom of speech does not equal freedom from consequence, yet where do we draw the line at what is appropriate versus that which isn’t?

We’re quick to anger, yet terribly slow to forgive. We ask of others, and yet refuse to give back when it’s our turn. We can’t continue down this path because it will be our destruction. Humanity should strive to work together for the good of mankind, and yet it seems we become easily distracted by the most frivolous things.  Is that what we, as a society want to be known for? If our goal is truly equality, then why do we seek to oppress those whose opinions differ than ours? Wouldn’t everyone’s voices be heard in such a world? Yet, the mentality seems to be almost cultish in appearance with how prominent it is in the virtual world.  The notion that the world is to get us only leaves individuals paranoid and troubled. A government that doesn’t trust its own people, corporations lobbying for more rights at the expense of others, a war that has not stopped in over a decade (even if they say it has), the cost of obtaining a higher education, the rising cost of living versus wages, the rich becoming richer while complaining about taxes. Why aren’t these offensive? Why aren’t we being offended at the fact that these are still going on right under our noses, but we rather complain about perceive slights taken out of context (see Tumblr vs mayo).

We should be worried about the true problem in society. I’m sad to say, however that the problem is us. Those who rather sit back and complain about problems around the world, without actively going out of their way to do anything about it (even if this sounds a bit hypocritical right now). We have to strive to improve ourselves, and our country. Things will not change on their own definitely, but by blaming each other for the problems we have we’re not going to solve anything. We need to step away from our comfort zone and actively seek to change for the better. It’s not going to be easy, but nothing worth fighting for is ever easy. I hate to say that our grandparents told us so, but they did say “back in the old days, people used to work hard for their things”. While I can’t wholeheartedly believe everything the baby-boomers say, perhaps it is time we took their advice, and started striving towards a common goal.  That’s what all the major movements in this nation did, think back to the days of the great Martin Luther King Jr, or even the early beginnings of Feminism, back in the days where you were truly risking everything for equality.

It’s that time once again, where we must put our petty differences aside, and stand united once more. We must make a conscious decision to choose freedom once again. The freedom of choosing to not be offended.Martin-Luther-King-Jr-Wallpaper-HD

The Hipocrisy of the Glassgow Free Pride Parade

This year, there will be one less group performing in the Pride Parade Glassgow. It was, however, not by choice. Instead this group was forbidden from performing for reasons that would not hold any weight to a truly sensible person. Yes, Cross-dressers or transvestites will not be allowed to perform in this years Pride Parade. The reasoning given for this choice were:

“The decision was taken by transgender individuals who were uncomfortable with having drag performances at the event. It was felt that it would make some of those who were transgender or questioning their gender uncomfortable.

It continued: “It was felt by the group within the Trans/Non Binary Caucus that some drag performance, particularly cis drag, hinges on the social view of gender and making it into a joke, however transgender individuals do not feel as though their gender identity is a joke.
(I thought that neither did cross-dressers, but pardon my mistake).

“This can particularly difficult for those who are not out and still present as the gender they were assigned at birth. While it was discussed whether we could have trans drag acts perform, it was agreed that as it would not be appropriate to ask any prospective drag acts whether or not they identified as trans”.

But, it begs the question, is this truly what the Glassgow LGBT community is representing, they are forgetting that cross-dressers, have been avid supporters of the group since at least 1973. It is a shame to alienate this group once again, simply for behaviors that are labelled as a “joke” from a separate group (ironic isn’t it?). The sad part about all of this is that, I wish this had been the first time something like this has happened. But, no it isn’t, and we must take a quick look at history to find out why this action is one of the reasons that our past must be studied.


The Gay Pride Parade, was an idea born due to the police raid of the Stonewall Inn on June 28, 1969 which incited the Stonewall Riots. This Inn was a safe haven for people with gender queer identities /behaviors (such as cross-dressers, transgender, male prostitutes) to find other like minded people. These violent demonstrations were actually a catalyst towards the gay liberation movement, and will go down in history as the moment when all we have achieved today in the U.S. started. Thanks to the efforts of all who participated in these riots, more establishments were opened up for homosexuals to freely exhibit they orientations without fear of the law (police raids were common due to homosexual people being listed as high threat to national security) (like being gay makes anyone automatically more or less dangerous right?).

Yep, I knew it, total threat to society as we know it (this is sarcasm)
Yep, I knew it, total threat to society as we know it (this is sarcasm). Bah, who am I kidding he’s gorgeous 😀

These riots did not happen overnight though, and it’s important that we remember that cross-dressers were actively participating during all of these events. They were present when police raided, and also while the LGBT community fought back to retake what belonged to them. The fight lasted days, and in the end the Stonewall was charred and nearly destroyed thanks to all the fighting. But, in its wake laid a fire burning brightly upon the hearts of those who had been there during those tumultuous times.

By November 2, 1969, a group of individuals was already proposing that a march should be established in honor of the events that happened. Together with multiple groups of like minded people, the arrangements were made in order to celebrate the first Pride Parade on the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.  The excitement could barely be contained, so much that the event was organized in nearly half the time they expected. Finally on June 28, 1970 just two hours after receiving the permits, the first Pride Parade took place. Why is this important? Because after two years, from these riots, most major cities in the U.S. had established a gay rights group. These groups had very little in common, but included everyone from all races, genders, identities, and yes even cross-dressers.


But, as we all know by this point, history has a funny way of repeating itself. During the 1970’s a feminist activist called Jean O’Leary  protested something she perceived as being a mockery to women in the form of cross-dressers and drag queens who were attending a Stonewall Rally. O’Leary claimed that drag queens made fun of women for entertainment value. In response to these staments two drag queens Sylvia Rivera and Lee Brewster rebutted that “You go to bars because of what drag queens did for you, and these bitches tell us to quit being ourselves!”. Not only had O’Leary offended these two, but that day both the lesbian feminist, and drag queens left that rally with a deep sadness in their hearts.  But, O’Leary did not stop there, she also excluded transgenders from gay rights because she felt they would be too hard to obtain (she later did change her mind and openly embraced both groups, but to me that was far too late). It’s a shame to see, how little the group in Glassgow has learned of their past. To turn their backs on a group of people who have always been present in their demonstrations, without any shame to show who they are and what they stand for. Now, they are rebuked by the group who they were once extremely closely associated with (now we understand sexual spectrum a bit better, and thus they can be described differently).

Drag Queens at the Portland Pride Parade 2011
Drag Queens at the Portland Pride Parade 2011

This is what led us to today, when Glassgow in the face of an era which finally permitted equal marriage rights, to all who would seek them. Is spitting in the face of drag queens everywhere by telling them that they are offensive to others. Do they mean offensive as in how O’Leary described them? Is simply being different to transgender offensive to people? You know back in the 1960’s everyone who was homosexual was offensive to everyone else. This is the kind of hypocrisy that doesn’t let our society move forward. This is almost equally as bad as those religious people who claim that their religion is real, whilst every other is false. Cross-dressers have been a tremendously important part of the LGBT community in the past. When nobody else besides yourselves were there, drag queens were with you the entirety of the way. To shun them, to turn them back for performing in a display of Pride is a violation of everything you stood for. Don’t forget, it’s not called the “Gay Pride Parade” (at least not anymore) it’s called the Free Pride Parade, and I’ll be damned to allow such an infraction to go by unscathed. Why don’t you also take their feelings into account when you make this sort of decisions instead? When will equality be the goal that we truly strive for instead?

*I want to note that I do understand that they are allowed to be in it, but not perform. However, to me that is still inexcusable*

** I also found out that they indeed reversed their decision and that is wonderful!**

Seth Macfarlane

The sources I used for this article were:

Stonewall (1993) by Duberman Martin

What Made Stonewall Different by David Carter

The Pussy Purse Ploy, and the Capitalization of Man Shaming

As I’ve written about in the past. I am a huge supporter for equality. These days though it appears like any simple slight is motivated by oppression of the opposite gender. The latest of these trends are the infamous Pussy Purses which feature nothing more than lips on the purse for a simple price of $165-$895. (I did a Google search to find out if these purses’ profits were being donated to any sort of charity and found out, they aren’t).

Image taken from Huffington post website.
Image taken from Huffington post website. I honestly thought that the purse was a mouth sideways too! Also will somebody have to explain this to children? If a man was walking around with a penis bag (is this a thing that will happen?) wouldn’t children exposed be victims of child abuse?

The designed stated that her motivations for designing this purse were equality and said:

“We [women] have been instructed to not be as carefree as men”,

“We don’t have that luxury, and I don’t understand why.

“Are women’s body parts more offensive? Even more so than a penis? This doesn’t make sense to me.”

She added that the thought process behind the DAMNsel purses was that they would allow women to: “still sit with their legs crossed, and still remain conservative and ‘classy’ if they chose, yet if a DAMNsel purse is held on their lap, it reminds the world that we are still advocating for social change, and women should have the opportunity to be as open as men.”

But, this doesn’t make any sense to me. Nobody is obligating women to sit in the way they do. It has always perplexed me at how concerned women are as to the opinion of others who have no particular say or do in their lives. Yet, men are publicly shamed in websites for sitting in a way that is physiologically more comfortable for their gender.

As one Reddit user who has been since been deleted wrote in the site:

“There’ve (sic) been a few posts lately concerning men sitting with their legs apart, and I got to wondering if there was more to it than simply having something between them (though, I feel that alone is valid); here’s what I’ve put together:

  • Testicles are uncomfortable to squish, but it’s also unhealthy for them to be kept at body temperature, thus the issue is discomfort and health.
  • Ischium bones in men, the bones you sit on, are closer together, meaning men have a smaller point of contact.
  • The inferior pubic rami, used to balance when you sit, is 20-30 degrees narrower in men, resulting in less stability; additionally, it makes sitting with one’s legs opposed unnatural.
  • Men have cylindrical thighs, as opposed to conical thighs, further compounding the issue of sitting with one’s thighs opposed.
  • Men have narrower acetabulum, meaning their thighs are closer together, resulting in less space between them, further compounding the above, the issue of external genitalia, and reducing the amount of balancing leverage available when sitting with one’s thighs opposed.
  • Men have more lateral facing acetabulum, meaning their legs swing forward, backward, and out; women have more anterior facing acetabulum, meaning their legs not only have a greater ability to swing inward, but do so naturally when moving forward, like when sitting or walking (thus the swaying hips).
  • Men have wider, heavier upper bodies, thus require more stability.

So, it appears to me that, for men, sitting with one’s legs apart is not only biologically natural, it’s biologically necessary to attain the same level of stability that women enjoy; plus, the inverse of these things makes sitting with one’s thighs opposed biologically natural for women… but I wouldn’t tell them that, science is misogyny¡

EDIT: Crossing your legs is bad for your spine, it might be comfortable, but so is slouching for many people, and you’ll both be paying for it later in life.”

But, this reasoning is apparently not good enough for writers over at, who proceeded to mock the reasoning with flimsy arguments such as:

Reason: “Women put their handbags on seats all the time”

Answer “…but if you asked them to move it, they probably wouldn’t reply with “I need it to be there because of my vagina”. In my experience, they’re also unlikely to invade your personal space with a bag if you’re already sitting next to them.

People do annoying stuff on public transport all the time, but men with spread legs can be found in pretty much any train carriage. But unlike the perpetrators of most transport faux pas, it’s awkward to ask them to stop — you’re risking a lengthy debate on the state of a stranger’s genitalia, and how comfortable it may or may not be.”

Listen, equality means that you can ask your fellow-man to allow more space for you to sit next to him and he will take you into consideration. I’ve had this happen to me before, and I’ve never had a problem or given anyone any flak for it. The people who complain about having to be quiet or meek, and then proceed to act in this manner truly are a perplexing lot.

What’s worse is that as a fellow writer Cathy Young once wrote about this same reason in her article. Women do take space with other items such as purses or even they way they sit. In a survey conducted on subway train passenger etiquette violations, the top three issues that were on people’s mind were nail clippings, religion, noise pollution (physical contact, and seating priority were also an issue, but unrelated to males or females).  The writer proceeds to write about how this trend of feminist or as she calls them pseudo-feminist are too preoccupied with trivial male behaviors instead of actually important issues. Issues such as the ones I wrote about in my first article regarding feminism and equality (it actually got me banned from r/feminism :D, so I guess it razzled some jimmies seriously go take a look). As males we are constantly being shamed for simply being different, or acting with different behaviors than women. We are different yes, but nobody is mandating anyone to act a certain way, much less sit in a specific manner. Ladies if you want to sit with your legs wide open, please be our guest. We will not complain ( as long as there is seating for everyone who is there).

However, I do understand that society has taught women that this is the “correct” way to sit. I also understand that the fashion typically associated with females, such as dresses almost requires them to sit in a certain way. But, as I’ve written about in the past “with change comes sacrifice”. If you want to sit like men, then wear less revealing clothing, if you still want to use that type of fashion then feel free to do so. You must remember though, that just as you were judging others so shall you be judged. You are entitled to be offended, but so is everybody else.  We are living in a blaming society, where everyone is quick to point fingers at each other for the simplest things. Why is the issue of how people sit something that hit mainstream media? In a different time period this would have barely made a small corner of a newspaper, now it gains major coverage thanks to websites like Tumblr.

It's your fault people!
It’s your fault people!

The worst part about all of this is that people aren’t really paying attention to the secondary effects that these actions are taking. Apparently there has been a rise in larger people receding into overeating thanks to the shame they felt at being photographed and made fun of online. A little girl who developed anorexia and bulimia thanks to being shamed on a school bus ride. This type of shaming culture that we have created is extremely destructive to those that suffer from anxiety disorders, and we’re propagating terms such as “equality” without any concern for those who have these issues. If we are to treat everyone as equals, we must leave behind the chains of repression and move on to the real issues at hand.  Like for example: how the Damnsel purses do absolutely nothing, but fatten the wallets of a greedy designer bent on capitalizing on misguided feminism.

Pussy Purses as they are referred to by the media are nothing more than a way for rich people (to be exploited) in order to display how carefree they are with their money. Just like tech experts have explained how the Beats by Dre are simply made heavier in order to give the appearance of luxury, these purses are  nothing more than a marketing scheme in order to gain money by capitalizing on feminist whose idea of feminism happens to be bashing men repeatedly in the head with a hammer labelled with that name. They aren’t helping any causes, the profits aren’t being donated to any cause (this is almost as bad as the NFL selling pink jerseys to raise cancer awareness and then proceed to not donate a single dollar towards the research). Why would anyone spend up to 895 dollars on a small piece of leather(?) in order to have men stop sitting in a way that is comfortable to them? I’m afraid I simply can’t answer that.

Stop the WomanSpreading. It hurts and makes me sad.
Stop the WomanSpreading. It hurts and makes me sad.

The Inequality of Equality

While surfing the web recently, I came upon a picture that was very interesting. In this picture a young man and woman were described to have become impaired by alcohol (in itself common enough). But, the couple in their stupor were described to have had intercourse, and the male later became charged with rape. Many questions arose with this such as “how is this not mutual rape then?” or “why was the guy automatically at fault?”. It seems our culture has inspired this constant threat of males being always painted as the aggressor, and females constantly being victims. It seems that no matter how much we advance as a society; people are still stuck on the basic concept of: men=evil tyrant who oppresses others, women=dainty precious flower that needs protection.

During my years in the military, I have experienced a rise in the annual sexual assault prevention classes that seem specifically aimed at men. It’s  always the same drudgery, we see a video of a male taking advantage of a drunk female, who later reports the event, and the male losses his career. It’s dull, boring, and always propagates the same stereotype that males are always going to hurt females. Once after this training was completed, I decided to stay overtime, and ask my Master Chief “what would the verdict be on a case in which both female and male were drunk, but had sex”? He deliberated on this for a few moments, however his answer was not the one I expected to hear. His response was “that is a very hard question, but remember that someone will always be at fault”. Reality is, however, not as simple as that phrase was. In life sometimes there are victims, and other times accomplices. We might not like the decisions we make at times, but they are not a reason to ruin the life of another human being. Why was jake charged with rape

When you discriminate against genders in a way that allows people to accuse each other for their own mistakes, you are in its core inhibiting equality. I am a major advocate for equality, in a world where everyone is viewed equally we are allowed to stand side by side in conjunction with our objectives. But, this world is not inherently designed for equality. We have had countless debates on this topic, and no matter how much we discuss the subject, it appears that a consensus can’t be reached. If the world was truly equal then events like the ones listed in this news report from Australia would not be happening.

We have to stop and think of the consequences of our actions. Should all men be treated as rapist/pedophiles/abusers? Should all women be treated as victims/underdogs/sufferer of all of men’s action? No, of course not, nobody in their right mind should be categorized in such basic terms. If the feminist of the past saw what became of the movement ( or fainting couch feminist a term I first heard from Christina H. Sommers) this day and age; I am almost certain they would turn their heads in shame. It pains me to say this because I am a true feminist. I subscribe for equality the whole way, and can’t wait for the day, where stigmas associated with gender roles are finally gone. I say this as a military working man who happily provides for his family. I would love to be a stay at home dad without facing any stigma. So what makes me a feminist? It’s the idea that one day everyone will have the same rights. This is based on the original concept of feminism which was originated during the nineteenth century and early twentieth century.


noun: the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. In those days, women certainly had a clear idea of what they were fighting for. I would have gladly supported the cause back then as well because I believe that in a truly free society we must all be equals.

Apparently after a few centuries had passed this idea became twisted into something we now call misandry.

These days we get post such as:

I hope this ain't real because seriously this woman should never reproduce.
I hope this ain’t real because seriously this woman should never reproduce.

The trend these days appears to be misinformation, that’s the only explanation I can come up with for such blatant displays of ignorance. The women who claim to be feminist, but spill only vitriol and hatred from their mouths in an act that would rival a two-year old’s tantrum is indignant of everything that our ancestors (some of our relatives fought for women rights too) stood for.  Even worse is the lack of understanding in various regards such as what being equal truly entails. If our society was designed to be equal then:

Women would not get lighter sentences than men in the federal court.

Women would not be considered the victims of sexual abuse when both parties are drunk.

More homeless shelters would allow mothers with boys.

Men wouldn’t feel discriminated against for being victims of domestic abuse.

The wage gap myth wouldn’t be so widespread despite being proven false so many times.

Men could face no stigma for choosing to be stay at home parents. I believe this job is harder than people give it credit for.

Women could walk around shirtless anywhere men can (and it’s actually already legal in some locations).

Men could have a say in abortion of babies that were not products of rape (I specify this scenario only) (more on this later).

These are simply a few examples (and I’m hoping some of you readers comment more reasons why we need true feminism to once again make the headlines) of inequalities in our societies. We need to join together, set our differences aside, and actually work towards achieving these goals. The media has turned men against women, women against women, and everyone against each other. Simply because we were born with different sets of equipment we get lumped together in a pile of garbage stating that we are evil due to being male. As I said earlier in the subject of abortion, if a woman was raped then obviously an abortion is wholly the decision of the female. But, if the child happened as an act of carelessness on both parties, then the man should have a say on whether the woman keeps the child or not. Historically it has been documented that a man can’t veto the decision to abort after a woman has already made the choice (obviously before the abortion has taken place).  What is stopping the man from raising the child by himself?

A child is not going to trap a man, however if the man decides he wants to keep the child. Then what is stopping the woman from having this baby, and giving the child up to the father? Is this an option that has not occurred to the supreme court? Is a woman so obligated to raise a child after she gives birth; that there are simply no other alternatives? No! This is exactly what feminism should be about. Having the right to make a decision and be honored as any other human being deserves. It’s not simply about abortions though, it is about everything. Women should be equal to men because we are all human.

Instead, we are hearing this sort of thing: Feminazi

Believe me when I say, that I don’t believe in this entitlement (that the best answer was talking about). Speaking from experience it was my wife who asked me out when I was in college. I did not feel pressured to say yay or nay, but the fact that she asked me out, was a nice ego booster. You don’t have to reciprocate the feelings to feel flattered at that person having the courage to ask you out. Trust me it is hard enough to ask a person out on a date, it can be nerve-wracking since rejection does hurt. But, she had the courage to ask me out, and while I couldn’t go out at that time because of my untimely arrival date at boot camp. I made a promise to her that we’d go on a date when it was finished. This is how we ended up getting married. Third wave feminist, however tend to speak as if men were the enemies who never faced any adversity or stereotyping, but this is wrong. Men are expected to perform on very different, but equally as stressful fronts.

As a man, you are expected to be the provider for a family.

You are expected to never show emotion or weakness.

You are expected to be a killer/rapist/pedophile (see video).

You are expected to strive for being an alpha male constantly.

To enjoy things that are typically considered “manly” and shun anything girly.

To be tough or otherwise you are a “bitch”

We need to change people, our mentalities need to be altered. As I have always said in this blog. The only way we’ll execute some true change is if we band together. It is unjustifiable to stay in this cloud of ignorance that permeates our society. We need to evolve and realize that a victim mentality hurts everyone, and does not help our causes. If we are to evolve then equality must succeed, but it must be true equity. There must not be anyone who stands on top of anybody simply because of their gender. We are all brothers and sisters. Let’s start acting like it. Rape culture