The Choice of Freedom

Recently, a school in Mississippi got sued for starting an event with a prayer.  The background was that the school district had been forbidden from  “proselytizing Christianity”, and thus violated a previous ruling. But, if this was the case, how come only one student sued the district? It strikes me as extremely odd that people would go to such extremes as to sue a school simply for preaching something they don’t believe in.  This is a trend with our world in which anything can trigger a lawsuit or hurt feelings.

Lawsuits such as:

Where a father was sued over a minor dispute in twitter regarding political stances.


Lawsuits where college students get accused of raped and charged with rape despite a lack of evidence.

Why was jake charged with rape
Let’s hope they weren’t also doing the reefer, cuz God knows what then.

Perhaps even a lady suing the family a teen she ran over.

It's almost like a Bad Luck Brian Meme
It’s almost like a Bad Luck Brian. Sometimes life does imitate memes, and I’m going straight to hell for this one.

Yes, we truly live in an age where freedom is hampered only by the rights of those who become offended by almost anything. Where a comment (regardless if it was racist or not) in  your own home is leaked, and you are held liable for this invasion of privacy. This is an era where Social Justice Warriors are actively looking for reasons to become offended, and the idea that we are a society of victims is always one step closer to becoming a reality.  A society where a simple question of whether mayonnaise is a gender received the following response from tumblr:

I had to double check my facts on this one, but it turns out it isn't.
I had to double check my facts on this one, but it turns out it isn’t.

Also several websites went on to address the issue.

But, I have to ask. Is this truly the society that we want to live in? A world so sanitized from potentially every little offensive thing, that we forget to tackle the important things? Things such as the economic crisis in Puerto Rico and Greece? Thankfully We’re still not there, we haven’t reached a point where everyone is afraid of saying anything that could hurt someone. But, how long do we have until we actually get to that point? Discussions become points of contention between people, comedians step on the toes of a society that used to laugh at the inanities of life, overly-sensitive individuals who put their own agenda ahead of everyone.  Everyone is seeking to silence the freedom of speech, we have been rightfully given as human beings. It is typically understood that freedom of speech does not equal freedom from consequence, yet where do we draw the line at what is appropriate versus that which isn’t?

We’re quick to anger, yet terribly slow to forgive. We ask of others, and yet refuse to give back when it’s our turn. We can’t continue down this path because it will be our destruction. Humanity should strive to work together for the good of mankind, and yet it seems we become easily distracted by the most frivolous things.  Is that what we, as a society want to be known for? If our goal is truly equality, then why do we seek to oppress those whose opinions differ than ours? Wouldn’t everyone’s voices be heard in such a world? Yet, the mentality seems to be almost cultish in appearance with how prominent it is in the virtual world.  The notion that the world is to get us only leaves individuals paranoid and troubled. A government that doesn’t trust its own people, corporations lobbying for more rights at the expense of others, a war that has not stopped in over a decade (even if they say it has), the cost of obtaining a higher education, the rising cost of living versus wages, the rich becoming richer while complaining about taxes. Why aren’t these offensive? Why aren’t we being offended at the fact that these are still going on right under our noses, but we rather complain about perceive slights taken out of context (see Tumblr vs mayo).

We should be worried about the true problem in society. I’m sad to say, however that the problem is us. Those who rather sit back and complain about problems around the world, without actively going out of their way to do anything about it (even if this sounds a bit hypocritical right now). We have to strive to improve ourselves, and our country. Things will not change on their own definitely, but by blaming each other for the problems we have we’re not going to solve anything. We need to step away from our comfort zone and actively seek to change for the better. It’s not going to be easy, but nothing worth fighting for is ever easy. I hate to say that our grandparents told us so, but they did say “back in the old days, people used to work hard for their things”. While I can’t wholeheartedly believe everything the baby-boomers say, perhaps it is time we took their advice, and started striving towards a common goal.  That’s what all the major movements in this nation did, think back to the days of the great Martin Luther King Jr, or even the early beginnings of Feminism, back in the days where you were truly risking everything for equality.

It’s that time once again, where we must put our petty differences aside, and stand united once more. We must make a conscious decision to choose freedom once again. The freedom of choosing to not be offended.Martin-Luther-King-Jr-Wallpaper-HD