Feminism and the Appropriation of History

Feminism has become an extremely hot topic in the last few years. What appeared to be a small, but extremely vocal group which relatively laid wayside has become increasingly influential in changing our laws. But, as much change as it has created in our present, it appears like feminist want to also appropriate the achievement that men have had throughout history. As I’ve always preached in the past though, if we don’t actually seek out to learn history then we are doomed to (in this case spread misinformation*).

A really good example of this comes from an article published in 2014 titled 23 Ways Feminism has Made the World a Better Place for Men. The writer of this particle piece, has made it her objective to give credit to feminist for creating many of the current worlds creations before men, despite not being credited as such.  Sourcing a book titled Patently Female as her only source for these appropriations. The book, however has not reached a mainstream audience, and with good reason. The article cites that women were the actual creators of items such as: jockstraps, computers, AZT (An HIV drug). But, while no one is debating that woman have been inventors of great things in the past; it’s a very different game when they try to take credit for the invention of males. Apparently if feminists were to have their way, then every single invention in the world would have belonged to them. I guess it’s true what they say, behind every great man is an even greater woman ( replace with feminist) ( also trying to take credit for his inventions).

Yes, it is no longer about receiving equal treatment, and a fair opportunity at their endeavors. Now, feminists are seeking to alter history in order to take credit for the inventions of others. For example did you know that all three of those items I mentioned above were actually created by men. It’s incredible to see how low a group of individuals will stoop to increase their standing in this “patriarchy” that they believe we live in.  But, since this is a “patriarchy” after all, let’s delve into the history of the jockstrap.

Indeed the jockstrap, was created to support “male genitalia” while they were in the middle of arduous physical activities such as sports. Created in 1874 the jockstrap was primarily  utilized by  bike jockeys and messengers who would spend long times riding bicycles. They were later adopted by sportsmen who required protection of their “family jewels” from dangerous contact sports. The magnificent man who created these was called Charles Bennett, and wouldn’t you know it he worked for BIKE athletic company, back then of course it was under a different name, but it was still a sporting goods store. Of course that would make too much sense that a male would produce an object designed to protect their genitalia, so it was obviously a woman who created the product (at least according to that article). The most interesting aspect of this, is that why would a woman design such a thing to begin with? I understand, that perhaps she wanted to protect her husbands equipment, but why is it that the only source for this information is a single book crediting women with so many creations (and this is a line I’ll be repeating a lot today). Yet, it’s not even as egregious as giving credit to the invention of computers to a woman and crediting it to feminism.

A woman created this, if you don’t believe me it’s because of “patriarchy” also *triggered*

Computers, you’re probably using one right now to read this. I don’t need to explain how useful this creation has been towards the advancement of mankind and the propagation of “feminist” themselves. So of course anyone could understand why “feminist” would want to take credit for its creation. No tool in history has ever been more useful in spreading misinformation than the computer. It’s what they utilize to propagate their species after all, and again in the article she cites that it was created by a woman. But, pray tell where these women were getting the information from? It was very interesting to me, when I did a search, and found several articles crediting Charles Babbage who created an “analytical engine” which would never see fruition due to funding. But, later In 1939, John V. Atanasoff and Clifford Berry developed the Atanasoff-Berry Computer (ABC) at Iowa State University. Even if you decided to go further down the line and find out what came next, you’d only find out that the UNIVAC was also created by men. What’s interesting to note is that it was actually Charles Babbage’s computer the one that was inspired by a woman’s design, yet sadly you can’t take credit for something you inspired, but never created. This is actually more along the lines of thinking for patent trolls, and we all know how hated those are (which would make sense since feminist are royal trolls). I will, however credit Ada Lovelace as the inspiration for computers, but not as the creator for the fact is inspiring =/= creator.  Lastly, the author credits a woman for creating AZT a drug for controlling HIV.

HIV and Aids are no joking matter, both are extremely hot topics that even I wouldn’t make light of. The large frenzy of people who become infected during the “aids panic” (nobody really understood HIV and it was becoming prominent) were not actually the reason why AZT was made. It was actually created before that time, during the 1960’s when fighting cancer was the prominent thing in health’s metaphorical mind. Created by a Jerome Horwitz it was an attempt at curing mice from leukemia which yielded zero results. So the compound was shelved under the pretense of waiting for the right disease to come along. When the aid’s panic started becoming prominent labs discovered a way to mass produce it in order to test all sorts of drugs against it. AZT showed promise and according to testimonies the scientist working there worked feverishly to find out just how well it did against the virus. Lo and behold the drug worked effectively against the virus and while it wasn’t a cure it was a step in the right direction. Everywhere I looked (except in that book) the one credited with the creation of this medicine was a man, not a feminist. It’s sad to see people try to steal credit from others, but then again this is the age of victimization we live in, and who is a bigger victim than those who were never given proper credit? perhaps, those who intend to steal said credit?

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