Japanese Women Hate Sex!

A survey by the Japanese Family Planning Association has also recently surfaced which raised more than a few alarms. The survey indicated that a significant percentage of Japanese women aged 16 to 24 despise the idea of sexual contact and would rather not sit idly by and create babies as they were intended to by nature. Even the act of touching in public can be considered by these women to be inappropriate and undesirable behavior within their culture of harmony.

Alongside these news  is the commonly cited societal  fact that Japanese women are expected to marry men above their social standing as to avoid bringing shame to their family (which can potentially  lead to committing ritualistic suicide).  An interesting fact is that arranged marriages still exists in Japan, and as such loveless marriages and relationships can happen. It’s important to remember that when we don’t take the feelings of the people involved and are simply pushing people to create children for the sake of propagating a race/country we’re not creating a safe environment for raising children whose opinion of sex (which is used in creating babies) is a positive one. But, again Japanese culture is very deep rooted in its traditions.

An interesting cultural aspect of Japan is also that once the woman becomes a mother she is seen as a relative rather than a partner. This leads couple to cheat on each other as they can no longer view themselves as they once did. If a marriage also fails to produce children as quickly as they would like it can drive couples into the arm of other more fertile men/women. Children especially girls can grow up having very low opinion of their cheating parents and would rather not put themselves in a situation where they could be victims of such behaviors.

Perhaps it is time for Japan to leave these customs and traditions in the past. New social reforms are needed at this time to ensure that children and future adults can have a healthy opinion of sex and all matters pertaining to healthy relationships. It’s clear that Japan can’t continue with the increasingly alarming decline in population lest it run out of young folks before it does of the older generations. Now is the time for Japan to open its doors to other cultures and become a more diverse country. The moment has come for men and women from other countries to flock to Japan and repopulate Japan with mixed children from all over the world!

Now before you all start packing your bags and preparing to move to Japan. There are a couple of things to remember about Japanese people.:

  • First of all forget everything you learned from anime and manga, and remember that they are real people with likes and dislikes as well as emotions (no matter how cold and distant they might appear).
  • You’re going to need to be a functional member of society if you want to make their family proud.
  • At least have a college degree and functional knowledge of the Japanese language.
  • Don’t act like a stereotypical fool.
  • Tokyo is a regular place like any other, only instead of a naked cowboy they have things such as: fashion followers, naked cowboys, corn man, and grown men in anime doll masks .
  • Don’t walk around in costume.
  • Japanese people are likely to be embarrassed easily by even things that your country considers “normal”.
  • Get used to being given the cold shoulder for odd reasons which wouldn’t happen in your home country.
  •  I can’t stress this enough everyone is different and that includes them, don’t believe the stereotypes.

These news are extremely alarming for  Japan, a country whose largest demographic are aged 60 and above, and thus past the recommended age for child rearing. In a country that has been hit by several catastrophic events in such a small amount of time this could genuinely mean the end of an era, and the beginning of a new one. Japan has endured many things certainly it will endure running out of young people. No, this does not mean that old people should start having kids, they have enough issues as they are currently.



Rejection Just Ahead Green Road Sign with Dramatic Storm Clouds and Sky.
Rejection Just Ahead Green Road Sign with Dramatic Storm Clouds and Sky.


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New Study Discovers Japanese Men More Likely to Cheat if Married or in a Relationship


A new survey has surfaced in the land of the rising sun, Japan. This study performed by the Menjoy magazine was aimed at finding whether Japanese men would cheat on their spouses on the condition that they wouldn’t be caught .  The survey utilized a rather small sample size of 50 willing participants. But, the results demonstrated that a majority of Japanese men would in fact cheat on their partners if they had the opportunity.  When taking a closer look upon the responses provided by the participants the results were not uncommon.

At times the participants mentioned that their significant other stopped caring or having sexual contact with them after marriage, but a lover would have no problems with these encounters and as such happily provides the services needed for romance/sex. ‘A new marriage can seem bright and exciting, but once you’ve been married for a few years things start getting dull’ was a quote spoken by “Kentaro Sakamoto” from the Chiba Prefecture in Tokyo (one of the survey participants).  He also indicated that if he had not been in a relationship at the time he wouldn’t have been tempted to cheat.  A different participant, whose named he preferred to keep undisclosed, mentioned that if he weren’t in a relationship he wouldn’t be tempted by women who are jealous of his current significant other.  He said “ever since I became married, women in my office can’t seem to stop inviting me over to their apartments for tea”.

We can obviously tell from this information that the only reason people are cheating on each other are because they get into relationships. Relationships are great, they are a breath of fresh air and meeting new people can be an amazing experience, but they obviously lead to dangerous things such a cheating and sexually transmitted infections. Especially when you’ve been with someone for so long that they become boring and dull. People become comfortable around each other and suddenly the relationship slows down and this leads people into the arms of another who probably has herpes. The sad part is we know for a fact that this kind of events happen and we still choose to follow outdated traditions such as marriage.

It’s clear as day that if Japanese men were not forming deep emotional bonds with other individuals they wouldn’t be tempted to cheat. Japanese women wouldn’t be seeking men in relationships because none of them would have one. Thus the whole society would have an even playing field in the field of romance, and if children happen  there is still no reason for marriage, after all studies have shown that as long as both parents are involved in the child rearing the kids will be just fine. As long as both parties can agree on the custodial terms there shall be no problems.

Besides relationships cost time and money, both of which could be utilized towards improving the lives of their increasingly large populace of seniors. Certainly the country whose dwindling birth rates have been decreasing exponentially could see no benefit from partaking in such frivolities. Instead they could put their efforts in building synthetic human beings which will eventually replace us all.  I for one will welcome with open arms our new robotic overlords.

There you have it folks, the number one reason for cheating is starting a relationship. Why would you ever just use one car for your entire life when you could test drive all of them? It’s not cheating after all if there is no emotional attachment.  As we all know emotions are for losers who can’t have affairs and those are all the rage these day.

But, remember if you’re still keen on starting a relationship try having a polyamorous one. It’s not cheating if you’re both loving the same people and it can keep the spark of romance alive for generations to come.










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Adventures in Japan! Also The Reason for my Disappearance! Lots of Pretty Pictures

Many of my readers are no aware that I recently moved domain. Now, that I mostly write about everything that I do in Japan. I moved to a new domain in this website:


Now I can only write about Japanese stuff in this website, but I do partake in writing other types of article which mean that I will still be here sporadically.

I’m sorry if everyone thought I disappeared, but the fact is that I’ve been very busy traveling through Tokyo and generally being awesome.


I actually even visited the cat cafe!


Visited a Maid Cafe and spent weeks with PTSD afterward


Raced around Tokyo as Bowser in a Go Kart while the Mario Kart 8 Soundtrack was playing


Saw One Piece at the Tokyo Tower


Visited a Pokemon Center and did not get my Pokemon healed because Nurse Joy was not there

Goth Mask.jpg

Saw the Dark Side of Japan


Saw the Greco-Roman Mall Venus Fort


Visited Palette Town and started my own Pokemon adventure

Punk Guitar.jpg

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Venus Fort


Odaiba Palette Town


Neko Ja la la cat cafe!


One Piece at Tokyo Tower


Pokemon Center


Maid Cafe


Go Kart as Bowser


The Day I Ate Bugs (Scorpions) in Chinju-ya Yokohama

Living abroad as a sailor has taught me many lessons. One of these experiences has been the world is a very strange place filled with magic and wonder.  A secondary lesson is that the world is that what is weird for us in the western hemisphere is not necessarily odd for the other half.  Furthermore, living abroad assists in opening the minds of those who experience it and are willing to try everything that the world has to offer. This is, however, only an opportunity which the bold of heart are willing to take.

Especially when that opportunity involves eating cockroaches, scorpions, newts, and grasshoppers! Now, to us in the western world, we had been taught that eating bugs was something of a nasty behavior, akin to acting like a savage. But, in the eastern world, bugs are seen as a delicacy (one which is surprisingly expensive) filled with protein and other goodies for the body. I don’t think it needs to be stated twice; that when some friends challenged the swashbuckler to eat some bugs with them, this sailor simply said “let’s do it”.

This is what eventually led us to Chinju-ya, a bar located conveniently in the China Town district of Yokohama inside of a buildings second floor. You go up a few steps and look to your right and there it is in all of it’s glory, capable of seating at least 20 people max, it’s also reservation only. We were the only ones in there that night with a staff of 2 Japanese girls (both very beautiful), and 1 young man, it was certainly a night to remember. The first thing we did was drink a few shots of sake (I’m a lightweight so it only took a little bit of liquid courage to have me going), and thus began the moment with our first order…

Fried Cockroach (648 Yen): Now, you might be thinking about how gross this is, and you’d be right. As you eat cockroaches you can feel every little hair of the legs on your tongue as you savor the crunchy flavor of… shrimp? Yes, you’ve heard me right fried roaches taste exactly like shrimp except hairier. Their insides are squishy and look terrible, so it’s not really a food that has stylistic appeal. You can see in the video below as my face contorts to match my feelings as I ate this. Needless to say, I still have nightmares about them crawling on my insides. However, 10/10 I would eat again.

Scorpion (2000 Yen): This one was certainly more appealing, with the fact that they are potentially less gross looking than roaches, and also cooler since they have 3 weapons in their body. Scorpion also tasted like shrimp (or chicken?) which was surprisingly tasty. This is definitely something I would eat again. The exoskeleton is surprisingly hard and has a tough texture when chewing. The pincers are almost hollow and have very little meat inside, but the shell is edible and thus you can get to enjoy saying that you fought a scorpion by biting it’s claws off. My friend ate the tip of the tail and while we all thought he was going to get poisoned it turns out that the cooking eliminated all of that away. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this dish for the pricing alone, but if you’re feeling like a big spender connoisseur then this dish is definitely for you!

Newt (1498 Yen): I have one word for this dish and it is “chicken”. Lizards taste almost exactly like chicken and this is no different. It was truly well seasoned and I liked how crunchy it felt. I ate the head of this particular dish in order to gain its essence and powers. I felt like a lizard for the rest of the night that day too. It was a great dish and this is definitely one I recommend to anyone who decides to visit this place.

Grasshopper Pudding (980 Yen): I hated this dish. I hate dessert in general, which meant that eating badly sweetened pudding with caramelized grasshoppers was the worst experience in the world. It had legs sticking out of the pudding, which in my case did not do it any favors presentation wise. My friends and I each had a third of this dish and it was truly awful for me (both of them loved it though). I will not suggest anyone ever try this dish, but let me put it this way; I tried Google translating what it said on the menu three different times and the results were as follows:

“Come to dessert foreign matter sprint gly Shishi-ya of horror, with respect to different Churi adult dessert! To eat be attributed es regret was that Hiroshibun, it is possible to answer 3th” (SIC)

“Once you come to the contamination the small 3 13 Hiroshimata people st880 no feedbacks in Te eav to the home was y 33 in your Hiroshie can dress people” (SIC)

“Desserts foreign material mixed of horror, 3 I E Always Daiuma dessert you come Nenbe and hi Le is not possible to answer the Te retrace 3E5 33 skin ala afil te gu” (SIC)

None of these gave me any idea what to expect after my friends ordered it. I was simply held back in terror when the dish came by. The fact that not even Google figure out what the menu meant was terrifying. 12/10 I would not recommend the grasshoppers.

This marked the end of my night in Yokohama and I had to go eat ramen afterwards to cleanse my palate. The ramen place by the train station with the green sign above the store is pretty amazing, it’s one of those where you put money into a machine and it gives you a tag. The pink one is extremely tasty and especially if you boil an egg in it. If you’re ever in Japan please make sure you visit the bug eating restaurant.

Now the moment you were waiting for please enjoy this video:


Nintendo, the GameCube and Japanese Exclusive Games!

I have always loved Nintendo games. This all started with the first NES that my father gave me as a present. To the latest sleeper-hit console the Wii U. This does not mean that I am blind to the missteps that Nintendo has made in the past. Quite the contrary, in spite of my adoration for the brand; I do not excuse their behavior, and in fact, outright condemn them for clinging to their antiquated (if not foolish) ways at times. Starting from the Virtual Boy, all the way to the terrible naming convention utilized for the Wii U.

During the mid-90s to mid-2000s there was a period which could be called the darkest age for Nintendo. It was at this time in which Nintendo released a new console called the GameCube, it had a fantastic controller design, it looked fun and had the killer app known as Super Smash Brothers Melee. It was a great console, but it had one huge flaw… Nintendo failed to secure a large quantity of third-party exclusives for the GameCube. This meant a constant shortage of games to play, while the PlayStation dominated the market with countless exclusives in their console. You would think at that point, Nintendo would have been throwing money at the third-party developers to sway them in their direction. But, instead they just released their own first-party titles in the hopes that it would be enough to garner the sales they wanted. Sadly, this moment never came for Nintendo. Yet, all was not grim at the Mario factory; it was during this era that many great exclusive games and IPs were born.

The GameCube brought to the world many fantastic games such as: Animal Crossing, Pikmin, Eternal Darkness, Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Kart: Double Dash, Metroid Prime, Naruto Clash of Ninja 2, Harvest Moon Magical Melody, Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader, Smash Brothers Melee, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker/Twilight Princess, and countless others. But, despite all of this Nintendo did not manage to sway the hearts and minds of those players who were needlessly bashing the system. This meant that in spite of their best efforts, Nintendo still came in last in the console race of that particular generation. But, I didn’t care about all of that silly console war nonsense. All I cared about, was playing some awesome games on my GameCube with my friends. What truly made me angry, was the games that Nintendo launched exclusively in Japan without ever considering porting them to the United States.

Games such as: Giftpia, Zoids VS I/II/III, Battle Stadium D.O.N, Naruto Clash of Ninja 4, Doshin the Giant (released in PAL regions as well), Donkey Konga 3, DreamMix TV Fighters, Gundam: The Ace Pilot, Mario Puzzle Collection, Bleach GC, Multiple Shoot-‘em-ups, and other titles which never saw a release over in the west. These (titles) truly made me upset, I am aware that bringing games to the U.S. is not always cost-efficient, and Nintendo has obligations to the shareholders (and employees) which forbid them from acting against their best interest (something that can happen if they start porting games that are completely unsuccessful). But, Nintendo has had a really good streak with some of these niche titles, who would have guessed that Animal Crossing would have become the titan it currently is? The west has spoken, and it has stated that these games are genuinely fun. Nintendo should have taken a bigger risk with their games in this era, but instead they decided to remain in their spot (dead last). This is something which will always upset me about Nintendo. It’s unavoidable though, at the end of the day all that matters to a corporation is the bottom line.

Despite all of this, ever since I moved to Japan; obtaining these games has been a piece of cake for me. I have amassed a small collection of games which only came out in Japan. I will be discussing some of these games, along with my opinion on their gameplay, fun factor, play-ability in spite of the language barrier. I will not be reviewing these games; these are simply first impressions for games that we should have at least gotten a chance to try.
For reference here is a picture of my Japanese Games (not all of them were exclusives):

Japanese games

The adventures in the Land of the Rising Sun Come Crashing Down and Rising Back Up!

I’ve made it finally to Japan. It seems like it took me forever to arrive here in the land of the rising sun, and that is because it actually did take that much time. I got orders to this location 14 months ago to my surprise (especially since I did not ask for them in particular) and have been preparing everything that was needed in order to arrive safely. I actually arrived  a week and half ago, and it took me a while to get everything set-up including internet, housing, and transportation, but I’m surprisingly efficient. Now that the fluff is out-of-the-way let’s get started onto what I have encountered in my very short amount of time in Japan.


It has been 5 years since my last visit to Japan, and in the time I was absent it has definitely changed.  when I first visited Japan regulations on military were not as stringent as they are currently (a side effect of armed forces members being unable to behave in a foreign ports). But, people never change and even during my first visit with my unit we had quite the experiences which weren’t necessarily positive either.  Now it has definitively been a bit underwhelming, I was expecting a lot more of this stay and thus far it has led to nothing, but disappointment.

I suppose in retrospect that perhaps we had expected too much from such orders. We (my wife and I) were expecting a place out in town where we could indulge in Japanese culture to a deeper extent instead we were saddled into base housing with the rest of the cattle. I loved the fact that nobody could answer the question as to why my family could only get a 3br apt in Ikego instead of Yokosuka, but no one seemed to have a good response. The worst part about the housing I’m in is that it’s actually outside of base in the middle of a nowhere town called Ikego. There is a temple and a forest here which I have no explored, but essentially there is nothing in this small town aside from Japanese people and military families (what a surprise). The houses aren’t too great either, there are dead zones for cell phone services everywhere. I actually have to put my phone in a window if I want to get any form of reception. These buildings are called high-rises and honestly they suck. The walls are painted white (which can’t be changed unless permission is asked and even then have to be changed back to their original color before you leave). The floors are also white tile and get dirty extremely quickly if you’re trying to shine your boots (anyone else see a problem with this?). It’s almost as if they were trying to be as unaccommodating as possible (since I’ve heard the Japanese built these for us Americans). Especially unaccommodating since, the location is rather distant from the base.

This meant that now I have to wake up an hour earlier catch a shuttle if I don’t want to pay good money for a train or fuel for a car to arrive at my work location instead of simply being able to walk or ride a bicycle (the latter can be done from here, but it takes 40 minutes) . The shuttle and train both have their advantages/disadvantages, but on average will get you there in the same amount of time. However, the shuttle bus doesn’t work on weekends/holidays so if you have weekend duty the only available option is the train and a round trip can cost you around 4 dollars which can quickly add up when you have to ride it twice in a day (that’s 16 dollars for one weekend duty (ouch!)). I really hate living in Ikego, but it’s basically mandated by base policy despite the multiple complaints that housing receives according to the workers there. Yet, this isn’t the worst that living on base has to offer because probably the worst offender is the monopoly held by a company called Americable.

Americable has a contract with the base that basically allows it to run rampant with the services it provides. As its name states it’s a cable company, but it also functions as the only internet provider in the base housing which allows it to charge a 100 dollars for 60mb download speeds (which never function and the fastest download I’ve ever gotten was 4mb  per second which lasted for about a few minutes). Now, some of you might be thinking that’s not a terrible deal whatsoever. The problem with that train of thought, however is that outside of the gate people can get download speeds of up to 1 or 2GB per second for 50 dollars! This is half the price for 2, 3, almost 4 times the same service. It is almost criminal to let such a company be the sole provide for this entire base! I have filed complaints about this, written to the Navy times, and even told higher-ups about how much this resembles corporate terrorism and nobody seems to be concerned with the members getting shafted!. It seems that no matter where you go in the military we always get stuck with the worst service providers in the world. All of these limitations mean that to do fun things in Yokosuka base you literally have to spend money out in town.

Yokosuka itself has a lot of very interesting things to do however, if it’s not the internet cafe’s, restaurants, shopping malls, arcades and even other extremely fun things to do; you can always travel on the train to the many other locations that Japan has to offer. I went to an arcade the other day and got beat up by my young friends in a match of intense table hockey. Played the Pokken game which I will have to find pictures of since in my excitement forgot to take some. Played and lost at the UFO games which I had dominated in Okinawa. I also ate some fancy Japanese Cuisine with my new friends. I’ve seen some of the coolest things out and about which is probably what made me want to come here in the first place. So where does that make me stand on the whole issue of orders to Japan?

Simple, if anyone single asked me to get orders to Japan I would totally tell them to do it. It is definitively a place for single men to come about and do what they are known for doing which is have fun. A full salary to spend is pretty much a must in this country since it seems that base is a black hole for having fun. Sure the amenities are nice since at least Americable is kind enough (read terrorist) to provide free wi-fi in most get together spots. But, for a family man like myself which have to be mindful of where their money goes it definitely limits the potential for enjoyment to a severe degree. The only thing that is keeping me sane is literally the fact that my family is here with me and that I can at least manage to survive with their help. So if you’re married with children please avoid this place because you will get the shaft without any lube.

On a side note Japanese people are really nice, I went to a store called Coop and bought a banana and the gentleman at the door gave my son a “neko magneto” literally a cat magnet sticker for the fridge, little old ladies gush over my son, and girls on the train are as mysterious as they appear in anime. I saw a meganekko today at the train who seemed a bit distraught. We made eye contact and I guess she that all that was required was a smile to cheer her up. Her eyes lit up after she got a warm smile from me (I fancy myself to be an old man so I was trying to be as gentlemanly as possible). After that we quietly rode the train to our respective stops, but before I got off the train I got a translator app and wrote to her that I liked her glasses which were cute, and she smiled even brighter (after I handed her my phone)… We waved goodbye to each other without saying a single word, but her smile seemed sincere and I truly hope that her day was made a bit special thanks to that gaijin who simply did not want to make a bad impression. Perhaps the true root of understanding lies in being kind to each other (and a simple translator app).


I hope whoever reads this understands the value of a smile, a simple gesture of kindness can brighten up the day of even those individuals which we can’t verbally understand. My day was made brighter by the idea that perhaps I cheered up some strangers day, her day was perhaps brightened by a foreigner with a kindness streak (and dashing good looks). Train girl, if we ever see each other again I’ll try to at least say one word in Japanese.

This is Dash The Bomber signing out!

Japan girls Japan is weird Man Statue Ikego 2 Ikego BK


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